Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pi's Annual Emergency Room Trip

I was just thinking about last year when Pi fell off our bed in the night and split her forehead on the night stand. It was August 9. There is still a visible scar in her hairline from it. That was scary.

Last night, I picked the girls up from daycare - Pi was really mellow and felt sort of warm. By the time I got home with her she had a 100 degree temp and glassy eyes. Twenty minutes of crying were followed by a zombie like episode, Piper was "awake" but completely unresponsive.

She got worse, started to pass out - my neighbor was over at this point - she told her husband to get the car - she stayed with Persy, her husband drove us to the hospital. We got into the emergency room ahead of forty or so people in the waiting room.

We spent four hours there basically waiting for her fever to come down. The doctors checked her and came up with no diagnosis. We brought her home and she slept really well. Today she is doing well, still mellow, still moderately feverish off and on but doing better.

Persy seems to be just fine. Daycare called at noon to say a second kid there was having the same symptoms. Hurray mommyhood! Fortunately, all seems well so far. There are so many other things going on in the world to worry about but I do wonder what it is about Pi and her annual August trip to the "E Room."

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