Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Well at least it has a name now...Persy and I got it on Friday - well, I am sure we "got" it sooner...we manifested it on Friday. After rushing off to the pediatrician (NO repeat emergency room visits please) we got the nearly quintessential "take two aspirin and call me in the morning" from Dr. Chambers...who actually said it was very good to have brought the baby in and to give her tylenol every four hours for three days to keep her fever at bay (is that how you spell that "bay"?). 

He also let me know that the sores in her throat and rash on her feet would likely stay around for three days. So we packed up, paid our co-pay and went home. Her temp hadn't been over 99.7 any of the times it had been taken but then Pi's was barely 99 thirty minutes before it spiked to 102 and made her into the blue lipped zombie. Once home I took her temp again, 99.4, gave her tylenol and stuck her in the magic baby swing. Seemed odd to me that her temp was still as low as it was before the tylenol took charge so I took Pi's temp to test the apparently the thermometer was working. To double check I took my own temp...101.7!!!!! This explained the series of meltdowns I had throughout the day.

The good news is - I know what the baby is complaining about since I am going through it with her. I don't have the rash on my hands and feet but I sure have the sore throat and am very motivated to get her tylenol in her on the dot! Hopefully this is the end of doctor visits and emergency room trips for a few weeks. Persy's four month check up is in two weeks...

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