Thursday, November 6, 2008

An actual update

I usually just post pictures of what the kids have been up to but there are so many things these days that aren't being captured in photos.

A quick run down - Piper just turned two. Talks constantly, is obsessed with the Moon, the Sun, princesses, asks for the clothes she wants to wear - tonight asked for the pink pajamas instead of the blue ones. She is a picky eater, happy most of the time but is a master pouter and has selective hearing. She counts to ten avoided five, six and seven completely. 

Persy is six month old, is awake all the time, sits well and is nearly crawling. She is very vocal and very, very happy. Persy loves her doggies, her big sister and her daddy (probably me too :) ).

I am still excited by things like...sleeping in until 6:35 this morning...which is two hours later than usual - amazed by these little people and all the adventures they take me on and things they are teaching me.

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