Friday, July 4, 2008

Two month check up

Persy had her two month check up yesterday with Dr. McHotHot (aka Dr. Chambers) - Meme took her and all reports were fantastic - which we already thought!

I am back to work - back in the ad agency biz! I started two weeks ago and am really enjoying myself. The girls are going to a fantastic daycare - Piper's been there for two weeks and loves going to "school" - she has friends her own age and even got her first official birthday party invitation!

Persy was staying home with our neighbor, Sarah, who is becoming our other daughter it would seem. Sarah is great with Persy but is going to work in the fantastic world of retail shoes so Persy is going to join her big sister at daycare starting Monday.

The dogs are the ones I am most concerned about in this transition. Salome has not been home alone for more than a few hours before, I think she will be really sad to not have a person to lie down in the path of.

Today is the Fourth of July - Happy Birthday America - I hope you all are having lots of great food and spending time with people you love!

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