Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Persy finally took a pacifier today, I mean really took it...it's been in for a good ten minutes, life has improved! ;)

Our pediatrician suggested using it to train her to nurse only every two hours instead of every hour and a half.

Piper birth weight - 7 lb 11 oz, Persy birth weight - 8 lb 10 oz
Piper one week - 7 lb 12 oz, Persy - 9 lb
Piper one month - 9 lb 8 oz, Persy - 11 lb


Cindy said...

You are officially in the dog house dear girl. Not even with Moo. Like, the reject dog house Moo snubs her nose at. You never let on there was a new blog, I've been obsessively checking the old one oblivious to the fact that you weren't PLANNING on sharing baby pictures there. *grump*

Marissa Vargason said...

yay! Life will be so much easier with a paci, well okay until age two ;) How cute is Persy with her hair, I cant wait to see new pics. Okay and my friend has a daughter 3 months old with massive amounts of hair, and she uses bows with elmers glue ha cracks me up! Will you try it and let me know if it works ;) ha ha sending my love!